School Board fails to explain costs of ongoing legal dispute

During the school board meeting of March 19, 2013, a citizen expressed some concerns regarding the ongoing costs of the ROW dispute that had been mentioned during a previous budget review session.  The citizen expressed concerns over the costs incurred and how their taxes will be impacted.

The school board explained that they have pending legal issues that they are not at liberty to discuss at this time.

So why didn’t the school board explain the costs being incurred?  Why are they not willing to discuss the financial impact of their decisions?

The school board’s budget for legal fees for this fiscal year is $2,500.  The budget for legal fees for next year is also $2,500.  To date, the school has spent over $22,000  on the ROW dispute.  I had to file several right to know requests with the school board to gain access to this information.  Everyone has a right to this information.  The school board should willingly provide it when asked.  However, if they don’t and you want this information then you can file your own right to know request with the school board just as I have done.  Contact me if you would like more information.  Of course, you can also visit this blog periodically and check out the School Board Legal Dispute Spending Tally in the column to the right.  I will be keeping the Rumney taxpayers updated on the amount of your tax dollars being spent on this ROW dispute.

Here are the school Board minutes for March 19 2013.